Transfer to/from Cinecittà World

Opens  March 26 ,2019  in the vicinity of Rome to Castel Romano’s first theme park in the world of cinema. Well Edited and with the supervision of sets of three-time Oscar winner Dante Ferretti you can truly say that the fun is Oscar! Good through Set especially those of the ancient West or the New York 20 years old and of ancient Rome where and easy to be involved in moments of cinema was experienced with a lot of auditions and filming the magic word Ciak TURNS! . Exceptional area dedicated to younger children with a wide air play here in wet as: Spruzzaincubi, Sbuffapressa, Speed ​​Light and many other games. Thrill to the sights for bigger and Erawin as Altair, more accessible to all adventure games like Aktium and DarkMare all seasoned with style and the tragic nature that only the world of cinema can offer. In the end of the show every day are proposed to the theater 1 and 4, are real masterpieces with the latest technologies in the field of film not to be missed at the theater at 15:00 1 Enigma !! Even the restoration of the Great quality and always offer a theme and in the main areas that characterize the park and the Charleston Club, Old American Bistrot, Rome Apicus and Noon. Have fun at all …… and .. TAKE TURNS

Price this car with up to 4 passengers from Fiumicino or Rome Cinecittà Word or vice versa  EURO 100,00

Price with Minivan up to 7 passengers  from Fiumicino or Rome Cinecittà Word or vice versa  EURO  160,00