8 hours duration with departure and return to the hotel


Tuscia is the territory of the Lazio province Viterbo, it may be divided into two districts, one north to Lake Bolsena and Viterbo and in Southern south of the mountains and hills Tolfa and Ciriti where he originated and stronger is the presence of this mystical civilization of the Etruscans.

The visit starts from Cerveteri, a town dating from the eighth century BC Etruscan town which became to the Greeks established trade relations by promoting development of techniques thanks to the commercial ports of Alsium, Pyrgi and Panicum.

The period of greatest prosperity is witnessed by the spectacular Etruscan necropolis of Banditaccia which is the outer mound of chairs and shields, the tomb of the alcove before switching to visit based the hero Tarconte. Tarquinia, one of the oldest cities Etruscan Tuscia of which reached its peak between the VIII and VII century BC, when the dynasty of Tarquini reigned in Rome.

Do not miss the National Museum which houses Tarquinense dress of inestimable value, funeral, Greek vases, sarcophagi, bronze and the famous group of fittile Cavalli Winged frescoes and stucco, and some tombs. Then continue the tour of Tuscania is located where another important Etruscan museum.

An unforgettable journey into a mysterious world full of mysticism.


Not included: touristic guide, tickets for Museums, tickets for archeological sites, lunch or dinner.


Price with car up to 4 pax cash payment € 340,00    credit card € 385,00

Price with van up to 8 pax cash payment € 440,00   credit card € 490,00



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