8 hours duration with departure and return to the hotel

The landscape coming out of Rome is that of strict campaign guarded by towers, castles and country houses, and stopped from archaeological sites and quarries of travertine from the sources of water stain treating of green olive and cypress trees Focus of the visit will be "tivoli" famous tourist resort in the Aniene Valley at the foot of the mountains Tiburtino, ancient Latin "Tibur" where can admire the wonderful "Villa d’Este" which stands on the site of an ancient Roman villa transformed into a convent. Inside you can admire the sixteenth-century cloister, the apartment of the Cardinal and the wonderful garden, full of trees and decorated with more than five hundred fountains between here and the glass of the fountain, the fountain of dragons of the “ovato” then go to visit "Villa Adriana" more than a villa, we can speak of a city as it stretches for nearly 120 hectares. Was designed and built by Emperor Hadrian to remember the places he loved most during his travels. You can see in particular "the Pecile”, the spa complex of Frigidarum with 2 swimming pools and an environment dedicated to sunbathing and heat," hemp "small valley with a long artificial pool surrounded by a colonnade and adorned with statues adorned from water games, the palace of the compound with three large courtyards of which one known as a square gold around there is the hall of Doric pillars and ninfeo, in the second courtyard of the palace that there is a porch and three rooms in which it has library and a classroom. Adjacent to the palace there is the Greek Theater. Very well preserved and fortunately far from the city, outside of the usual fees, but also a little challenging given the extent of the archaeological site and certainly recommended to connoisseurs.

Not included: touristic guide, tickets for Museums, tickets for archeological sites, lunch or dinner.

Price with car up to 4 pax cash payment € 300,00 credit card € 340,00

Price with van up to 8 pax cash payment € 400,00 credit card € 450,00

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